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Small business IT services in one place   Everything including IT Support & Development

LimeTechs provide Remote Support Website Hosting Website Design On-site Support Development Networking Computer Repairs in the UK

A complete IT solution in one place from one provider for small business'

LimeTechs understand the IT needs of a small business, and knowing what IT solution will really work for each client has made LimeTechs one of the most dynamic IT service providers in the UK.
LimeTechs don't do over selling, and will never try and sell you IT services or hardware that you don't really need, meaning you will not be left confused with technical jargon and large bill… just an IT solution that is right for you, your small business and budget.
Our IT consultants and developers have been providing IT support and services since 1995, this has given LimeTechs IT experts and engineers the vital technical knowledge, experience and expertise needed to provide such a wide range IT Services for a diverse range of clientele..

Why use different providers for web site development, IT support, hosted services and digital marketing when you can have a One-Stop IT solution package for small business' in the UK. Providing any IT services that most small business could require.


On-Site IT Support

Same business day on-site IT support

Remote IT Support

Instant remote tech support

Computer Repairs

No Fix No Fee PC, Laptops & Tablet repairs.

Network Management

Network installations & trouble shooting

Web Site Development

Professional web site design & development

Business Hosting

CRM, calendars, email, sales and much more...

Web Site & Email Hosting

Unlimited website & email hosting

Digital Marketing

Social media management & email marketing

LimeTechs Business Cloud provides you with hosted platform that includes: CRM, HR Management, email, Shared Calendars & Address Books, Sales Tracker, Time Tracker and much more all available from any web browser.
Not only is your email, contacts and calendars available 24x7 but the LimeTechs Business Cloud allows you to securly share your data contacts & Calendars with selected members of your business and keep everyone up-to-date.
Alongside the web interface, the LimeTechs Business Cloud provides a full ActiveSync solution so that your contacts, email, notes and calendars are always available and up-to-date on your PC, tablet or smart phone.
Why pay for epensive CRM, HR and business management software for your computers when the LimeTechs Business Cloud incorporates everything a small business might need into one user-friendly interface alongside your email contacts and calendars.

As LimeTechs are not a computer shop trying to sell you any products, we can give you impartial and honest IT Support and advice as to the best solutions to your requirements.
This way you stand to get the maximum benefit from your hosted services, computer systems and IT equipment now and into the future.
LimeTechs understand that not everyone has a vast knowledge of the inner workings of computers and IT systems, so with this in mind, all IT services are given in a personal, friendly, straightforward way.

Outsourcing your IT needs provides you with access to LimeTechs specialised IT consultants knowledge at a lower cost in comparison to hiring a specialist in each area to work for your company and offers you the flexibility to pay for services only when you need them. Why not consider outsourcing part or all of your IT needs to the professionals at Limetechs.

Do you need more information?

Why not get in touch with a consultant in the UK, and find out how LimeTechs could provide IT and online solutions for you or your small business...

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A Complete IT Solution
for small business

Tech services when you need IT most.

An All-In-One package at a fixed monthly cost.

An IT Service Contract with LimeTechs eliminates all call out and labor charges for IT support, and provides unlimited telephone and email support, full hosting management with all your hosting and online marketing taken care of at a fixed monthly cost, allowing you to plan ahead for your small business IT costs each year with no surprise bills when something goes wrong.

The LimeTechs IT service contract is to cover your existing computer and network systems by providing on-site, remote and telephone tech support should a fault occur. If a fault occurs then a qualified IT consultant will always be on hand during business hours to provide a solution. If a fault requires new equipment to be supplied then there would be no labor costs involved during the setup of the new equipment. If there is no fault with your system and you are simply upgrading then this would be inclusive of your dedicated service hours.

All your hosting needs will be taken care of by professional staff with years of hosting experience and fully managed, providing your small business with unlimited web site hosting, email, document storage, CRM, HR management, sales and time tracker all from one unique platform with full mobile activesync, webmail, email marketing and much more...
leaving you the time to concentrate on the important things, like growing your business.

IT service contracts from LimeTechs in the UK generally run for a fixed period of time. There's usually a minimum term of 3 Months (trial period) – followed by a 12 month rolling contract. Our approach to computer service maintenance is proactive, even when your system appears to be operating perfectly, We prevent things going wrong in the first place with our constant monitoring and scheduled servicing, yet we’re able to respond quickly when they do, saving you time and money!