Support when you need IT

We understand that not everyone has a vast knowledge of the inner workings of computers, the internet and IT equipment, so with this in mind, all computer help and IT support is given in a personal, friendly, straightforward way. Our IT consultants have been providing IT services since 1995, this has given LimeTechs with the vital IT experience and technical expertise needed to carry out Computer Repair's, IT Support and for a diverse IT Service Contracts range of cliental, throughout South London.

Remote IT Support

For major IT problems a site visit is often the only solution. But there’s a million and one other scenarios that can be resolved quickly and easily thanks to LimeTechs remote IT support service.
Our Service Desk technicians utilise leading edge remote-access technology and in most cases are able to rectify your issues as if they are physically on-site without the cost and time of having to actually visit you.

On-Site IT Support

If you need on-site computer support engineers to carry out tasks such as installing networking equipment, setting up a Wireless LAN or laying Cat5 cable infrastructure then, LimeTechs can help. Our experience covers working on a variety of requirements from your Standard Office Layout or an Internet Cafe, Hotels, Campsites and much more, including setting up remote workers, wireless and internet connections. LimeTechs do whatever it takes to get your computer and IT systems running satisfactorily. You only pay for the time taken and parts used. No hidden charges!

Computer Repairs

Professional, Local, affordable computer repairs in South London. Computer repair prices start from just £30.00 per hour, We're able to keep our prices low because we don't have to pay rent on a commercial or industrial property: and because we can maintain and fix most computers and their issues using a remote or call-out service.
Get in touch with us today for a quote or book a repair online today.

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