'LimeTechs', ‘BandTRadio’, ‘LimeRadios’, 'our', 'we' and 'us'; is an internet radio service provider. All customers under our service are subject to the terms and conditions described in this document. Under the terms of this agreement, signing up and/or using our service(s) in any form therefore declares that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions stated below.
LimeTechs reserves the right to make alterations to this document whenever we deem reasonable. It is the client's sole responsibility to check this document for updates on a regular basis.

LimeTechs actively monitor stream contents and all content on only The LimeRadios and BandTradio streams. All other broadcast stream content is the sole responsibility of the radio services client.
We do not provide any form of legal cover to individuals or companies who utilize our services to distribute content with any copyright protection.
Under no circumstances will LimeTechs be responsible for the behaviour of our clients or their users when found to be broadcasting protected content.
All licensing, copyright and royalty issues are the sole responsibility of the individual clients and/or their production and stream entities.
You may not use our services to distribute adult, racist or any other un-sociable material.

If contacted by an authority in the event of an illegal situation regarding any of the above, we will co-operate fully in any investigations they decide to make against clients found to be breaking the law.
LimeTechs will make every effort possible to ensure security of client's data, however due to the large volume of media stored, our standard costs do not include backup of data, please contact us if you would like to arrange this at an extra cost.
All data is stored at client's own risk and we will assume no responsibility for any loss, damage or corruption of files hosted on our servers.
All live streaming purchased from LimeTechs is limited by listeners or in bandwidth or by a bitrate (X kbps). If you choose to stream above the purchased bitrate or bandwidth on a live server, we reserve the right to terminate your account without warning, refund or explanation.

We will use reasonable efforts to provide the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as you have paid for them. Sometimes, however, for a number of reasons, the services may be unavailable to you. You recognize and acknowledge that occasional unavailability of the services will occur. We make no representation or warranty that the services will be uninterrupted.